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Need stamped heat treated pallets to ship your product around the world? We provide Heat Treated export pallets
Serving Orange County and Los Angeles 5 days a week

FPS can have your pallet order within 1-2 days even for custom orders

we have many recycled pallets in stock including:

    -new and u
sed export                plastic pallet

   -48"x40" standard #1


   -48"x40" standard #2

   -48"x40"-#1 GMA(grocery)


   -48"x48" HD drum pallets   

       HD block pallet

   -48"x40" wood block(HT)

     heat treated for export

    -48"x40" block pallet

    -44"x44" drum pallet

    -42"x42" Wood pallet


    -32"x60"Wood pallet


    -32"x47" Euro pallet

    -36"x36" wood pallet

    -30"x30" wood pallet

    -24"x24" wood pallet

 need another size? we can build any sized pallet  


 we also carry:


     -gaylord cardboard boxes

     - pallet jacks

     -strapping Kits

     -pallet stretch wrap                 


  we service: 

    -Orange County

    -Los Angeles 

    -San Diego 


    -San Bernardino

    -Inland Empire

    -San Gabriel Valley

    -Santa Barbara 



    -San Francisco 

    -Antelope Valley


    -High DPhoneser


OC (714) 655-8583

LA  (626) 641-1028


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Foster Pallet Solutions provide wood and plastic pallets in Orange County California , Los Angeles California , San Bernardino , Ventura , San Diego , Inland Empire , Riverside and all of Southern California. 

-Specializing in new and recycled wood and plastic pallets and custom sized pallets. Offering all sizes in stock and heat treated export pallets.

-your pallet needs are our main focus from the time you send request to delivery.

-only 1-2 days needed for order to be delivered. We will also remove your old pallets

If you need 5-500+ pallets Foster Pallets can help, we specialize in small and large orders of pallets. 

We carry all standard sizes:
 -48"x40" - #1(4way )- #2 pallets-       
-block pallets - 48"x48" - 44"x44"-
-export pallets - 32"x47" EURO pallets - 
-heat treated wood export pallets-
-new and used plastic & wood pallets - 
-custom large or smaller sized pallets- 
-gaylord boxes-

-Only 1-2 days needed for order to be delivered. We will also remove your old pallets

new  custom and standard size wooden pallets
Proudly serving Orange County , Los Angeles , Inland Empire , San Diego  and all of Southern California
-we specialize in new and recycled wood and plastic pallets

-standard and custom sizes available
Plastic Rackable Pallet (48"x40)
-perfect for export 
-clean used plastic pallet
-nice pallet for clean shipping

Plastic Nestable 
Pallet (48"x40") 
-perfect for export 
-space saver- 40 qty. pallets are only 6 ft. high.
Plastic Rackable 
Pallet (43"x43") 
-perfect for export 
-4-way entry
-good quality used pallet
We accept all major credit cards

Simply call,  fill out form above or email today for a fast responsive quote:

Ph: OC (714)655-8583  LA (626)641-1028

Foster Pallet Solutions has a wide variety of pallets and shipping supplies including all  heat treated export wood pallets  , plastic export pallets , standard sizes , even custom sizes ,  We offer onsite paper shredding and heat treating service. We also carry pallet strapping kits , pallet jacks and gaylords . We can have your order delivered within 1-3 Days even for custom sized pallets. We service companies throughout Orange County (South and North OC), Los Angeles (From South Bay to Pasadena ) and the Inland Empire (From Claremont to Colton ).  Don't see the size you need than feel free to call and we can see what we can build for you.



Foster Pallet Solutions
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
ph: OC (714)655-8583 | LA (626)641-1028